Essential New Home Builders' Checklist

New Homes Builders Checklist


There is so much to think about when building a new home.  Use this list to check off important items to ensure the building process is a smooth one.

Week One Tip

Have you calculated a budget, including legal fees, cost of the land, rates, taxes and stamp duty, additional site works, landscaping and moving expenses?

Do you qualify for finance?  Research which is the best option for you – a bank, building society, mortgage broker or independent financial advisor.

Allow 15 percent extra to cover any unplanned expenses such as price increases or changes to your plansAre you eligible for any financial assistance from the government to build your new home, such as the First Home Owner Grant Scheme or stamp duty concessions or exemptions.  To find out whether you can take advantage of these benefits, contact the relevant government body:  Office of State Revenue for NSW.


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