Oakworth Homes specialise in building efficiently designed homes that are sensible and practical. 


Our homes are functional, low maintenance and well designed which are sure to meet your needs.


At Oakworth Homes our focus is to provide you a home that is cost effective, comfortable and built with care and personal attention.


Our conventional approach to design and practicality ensures that your Oakworth Home is a solid investment both now and in the future.


Oakworth Homes build homes that are family orientated and low maintenance which will allow you to live your life with less financial and maintenance pressures.


Incorporating the GreenSmart principle into every Oakworth Home, our build projects generate environmental benefits through:

  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Lower Energy Usage
  • Less Construction Waste
  • Limiting the use of non-renewable materials.


At Oakworth Homes we pride ourselves on our consistent and stable relationship with our suppliers ensuring we supply to you the highest quality finishing and fixtures.


We Don’t compromise on the Quality of your Home !!!


Visit one of our Oakworth Homes displays currently located in Gregory Hills, Oran Park Town and Spring Farm.