Home and Land Packages

Home and Land Packages for everyone and every budget.

Oakworth Homes offers a range of home and land packages to suit your lifestyle and budget. At Oakworth Homes, our team are committed to making sure that your home building journey is enjoyable and stress free.

Price: $807,900
Home: 160.51m2
Land: 455m2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Garage: 1

Oakworth Homes: The complete package

So, what do you get when you choose an Oakworth Homes Home and Land Package?


At Oakworth Homes we offer a range of Home and Land Packages.

With a selection of land across South West Sydney, we can give you the Home and Land Package you want, in the area you want it, at an attractive price.


When it comes to Oakworth Homes’ designs, we like to make sure that every home we create is functional, cost-effective, comfortable, and built with care.

As a member of HIA GreenSmart we incorporate HIA GreenSmart principles into every Oakworth Home design.

Through this approach in home design, our projects generate environmental benefits through:

  • The reduction of greenhouse emissions.
  • Lower energy usage.
  • Reduced construction waste.
  • Limited use of non-renewable materials.

What is the added benefit to having a GreenSmart designed home?

A GreenSmart designed home means lower overheads, lower energy, and water costs due to a smarter and more considerate design. This means that your home will have low maintenance, ensuring you could live the life you want without the worry of continual maintenance and the financial obligations associated with it.

Considered design

At Oakworth Homes we specialise in building efficiently designed homes that are sensible, practical, and of the highest quality. With our Home and Land packages, we will be able to design and build you a completed home that takes advantage of every square inch of land by giving you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


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